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Time is flying or flowing.

We are dying. Alcohol isn’t doing us any good, it makes us feel the time being slower, but in reality it just slowly kills us.

We are living. A dog is barking in front of us, a chihuahua is jumping and barking at a huge dinosaur, fearlessly. We laugh at the chihuahua, but we’ve got a lot to learn from this little creature. We’ve become too accustomed to being a processor. Our brain is constantly running, evaluating the environment, trying to figure out an optimal strategy for us to abide by. Chihuahua isn’t like this, it is willing to sacrifice it’s life for the most insignificant cause.

What’s so precious of our life that we want to protect it so much? Is it our concrete pigsty, our loved ones, or the ability to harm others? It seems we are not doing much to cherish these, we behave like automata.

Shall we bark at the dinosaur? Cheers!


我们在死去。 酒精对我们没有任何好处,它让我们觉得时间变慢了,但实际上它只是慢慢地杀死了我们。

我们在活着。 一条狗在我们面前狂吠,一只吉娃娃冲着一只巨大的恐龙跳跃狂吠,无所畏惧。 我们嘲笑吉娃娃,但我们有很多东西要向这个小动物学习。 我们已经习惯了做一个处理器。 我们的大脑一直在运转,评估环境,试图找出让我们遵守的最佳策略。 吉娃娃不是这样,它愿意为最微不足道的事业牺牲自己的生命。

生命中有什么东西如此珍贵,以至于我们如此想要保护它? 是我们的混凝土猪圈、我们所爱的人,还是伤害他人的能力? 似乎我们并没有做太多去珍惜这些,我们表现得像自动机。

我们要对着恐龙狂吠吗? 干杯!