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I mistaken the salt for sugar and put it in my coffee. To my surprise it tasted quite good, so I recommended it to my friends, and they were amazed by the taste of the magical combination too. I quitted my job and opened a cafe selling salted coffee. Sugar is a taboo in my cafe. In a rainy midnight, while I was preparing to close the shop, a girl carrying loads of water drops came inside , and ordered a coffee with sugar and milk.

I smiled and accepted her order, without telling her that sugar isn’t allowed in the shop.

Facing the wall, I was making the coffee. The tiny coffee shop suddenly felt so nostalgic to me, the rain, the girl, the wet and dirty floor with customers' footprints. I suddenly remembered the feeling of drinking a cup of coffee with sugar.

Salt drains your water, sugar provides you with energy. Coca Cola puts both in their drink to make money, those mother fuckers.

I made the cup of coffee without salt or sugar, poured some milk inside, and gave it to her.

I apologized for not having sugar in the shop, then I gave her a sweet smile, saying that hopefully my smile could provide some sweetness.

She laughed.

From the next day, every table in the shop has an extra sugar bowl.