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Life is full of hints.

Your cat has been hanging out lately. You have a window, your cat sneaks out to have some fun with the grass, wind, cola cans, trees, other cats, dogs, humans, supermarket, police station, train station.

The weird thing is that when you come back home, your cat is always in the house. You open the door, your cat jumps to you, meows, follows you around, swings around your calfs, showing the ultimate intimacy. Umm, something isn’t right, you think. The cutie is using the cuteness as a weapon, LSD, weed, placebo, anesthetic, coke, cola, cocoa, coconut, apple, pineapple against you. The cutie is hiding something from you.

But what can the cutie possibly be trying to hide from you? He/She is just an innocent cute little fluffy creature!

You don’t know, you go on with the hint. You take a cold shower, you close the window, wondering if it was opened when you got out the house in the morning, but you don’t think too much about it, the stupid work tires you, you fall asleep pretty soon. In your dream, the background music is like white noise, but with some pattern, like untuned radio signals.

Your cutie is talking to the mother ship with your dead Nokia 1110 in the drawer. The cutie planet cultivates cuteness by eating machine heart and machine brain.

Roger, said the mother ship.

Cuties are coming, the earth is going to be cute.