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Kickwalker is a kickstarter-like thing for demonstrations, protests, marches, or whatever you call it (I would like to call it “people with similar interests taking a walk together”).

Hence the name: kickwalker.

To create a kickwalker project, you (a single person, a NGO or a GOV department) select the category of the walk, describe the idea of the walk, choose the city of the walk, etc. After the project is created, you could share the project to friends, relatives and strangers by facebook, twitter, youtube, letters, flyers, newspaper ads, TV ads, Times Square screens, or whatever.

If the amount of people supporting your kickwalker project exceeds the threshold you set, the project succeeds. You can do a poll to decide the best time to walk, give the needed instructions, etc. Your kickwalker supporters receive the updates of the project in realtime.

How do people support your project? Simplying by clicking the support button.

What more can supporters do? Maybe they can

  • share the project with their social media account
  • correct a typo in the project page
  • debate about the purpose of the walk
  • more..

but not by donating money, I hope.