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We are nothing but language. But I am sick of our languages.

The language we use is rudimentary. Use math as an analogy, our language only knows additions and subtractions, and while doing this basic operation it includes a lot of redundant steps with unneeded zeros. It’s slow, ambiguous, obscure, twisted, vague and toxic.

I wish there is a just language, a powerful language, a simple language, a perfect language, a language that conveys messages without distortion, a language that allows people to express their feelings without hesitation, a language that connects people.

But I doubt there ever will be such a language. We are the language, the language is us. The words I used to describe the language -> slow, ambiguous, obscure, twisted, vague and toxic perfectly describe us, humans.

Hence it’s not the language to blame. It’s us. There is no need to design a new language, changing ourselves will create a new language, naturally.