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With the coronavirus (COVID-19 they call it) going around, the world is slowing down.

Empty streets, empty shopping malls, empty museums, empty restaurants, empty whatever, a quiet world.

Two places are still as vibrant as hell, hospitals and supermarkets. And of course, the Internet.

Being stuck in my room, I am forced to use my brain from time to time to not get bored. I’ve come up with various questions.

Where is the world going?

What if the coronavirus is like HIV that no vaccine can be made?

What if the coronavirus can still infect you even if you’ve recovered from it?

What if Kim Jong-Un, Donald J. Trump, Mao Zedong or Mark Zuckerberg decides to keep the coronavirus in a lab, and release it to the world every Christmas Eve as a gift to the world? (Since it takes certain days for the virus to come to you, the Christmas gift may actually be a New Year gift, or Valentine’s Day gift.)

Is this quarantine life really different than the normal life we had before?

Life was never normal, and never will be normal. The life before the pandemic was as absurd and unreal as the life we are having right now. Things were built on top of a false hope, a hypothesis that everything is gonna be OK by itself. But things don’t get OK by themselves, entropy is always increasing…

Where is the world going?

Where is our world going?

Where are we going?

Where am I going?