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We sense stuff. We see, smell, hear, taste, and touch.

Of course we are capable of more than sensing. We sense, we process, we output. Just like how a robot works.

What makes a human special is the processing step. But we are gradually losing that ability.

Stimuli are bypassing our brain. Stimuli become the output. The processing unit doesn’t work anymore, it short circuits the input to the output.

Big brother(s) understand this very well, they exploit this.

  1. They control the input.
  2. They craft the input.
  3. The processing unit, our brain, receives the finely crafted input.
  4. The processing unit degenerates, becomes an all-pass filter.
  5. The host of the processing unit, the human, loses the ability to process.
  6. The host becomes a zombie that receives signals and act accordingly.