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F, the bald guy, is renovating his house. He’s been living in the same house for years.

When you walk in the house, you can immediately feel the high entropy. Everything in the house is disintegrating or decomposing.

Years ago, when F was building the house, he was not bald. He had hope for life. He put a spectacular bathtub in the bathroom, he designed a walk-in robe near his bedroom. The bathtub soon became a big container for his dirty laundry. And the fancy walk-in robe always had only a few clothes, maybe due to the fact that all his clothes are in the bathtub.

F, now a bald guy, coincidentally or not, has a crush on minimalism. During the renovation, he gets rid of a lot of things in the house.

After he gets rid of the bulky bathtub, he stands at the door, looking at the empty bathroom without the bathtub, he talks to himself:

Hmm, I can have a urinal there.