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In case you don’t know it, vodka can be put in the freezer. The melting point of ethanol is -114.14°C. When you pour frozen(I mean from the freezer, not literally frozen) vodka out, the liquid is sticky and together, interesting physics.

Drinking pure vodka is a bit boring, it tastes like alcohol and nothing else. D wants to make it more exciting, D bites his finger, and puts the bleeding finger in the glass. The vodka becomes all red and beautiful now.

The vodka comes into D’s body through the cut on his finger, to the blood vessel, to his toes, to his brain, to his mind, to his world, to his universe. The blood comes into the glass, the vodka world is more exciting now, in D’s opinion.

D sips the vodka mixed with his blood. “Yes, I taste the cold blood.” Maybe I can name it long island blood tea.

Bye bye vodka.