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It’s a special year, the next time we see the first two digits equal the last two digits is in 2121, in 101 years. I think the world is not gonna be better in 101 years, so happy new year!

Mao Zedong died in 1976, Jiang Zemin will die in 2020, Xi Jinping will die in 2033, Donald Trump will die in 2026, Vladmir Putin will die in 2030, Kim Jong-Un will die in 2077.

We all die. Some people say the world is just a party, so we’ve got to enjoy it. I understand the thinking, but I just can’t accept this ideology, a drug addict can’t always be happy. The world we experience is not a party to me, it’s a puzzle, a fucking mysterious, stupid, delicate, spaghetti like puzzle, a puzzle built on absolute chaos. Solving the puzzle makes me happy.

I drink with an empty mug, I transform to a whale, I escape to an island to live like an ape. God, forgive my sins, for I am lost in your shithole world, for I don’t know what to do, what to say, what to look up to.

God is just a stupid random number generator. We may never be able to solve the puzzle, but we can change the puzzle itself to make it more interesting.

Happy new year!