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I need a doctor.

Does a doctor need another doctor? Does a barber need another barber? Does a teacher need another teacher? Does a husband need another husband? Does a president need another president? Does a vacuum cleaner need another vacuum cleaner?

I need a banana. I need some water. I need an apple.

Apple is an old fruit. When you eat an apple, you also digest the history. In the night, I imagine my ancestors, what’s inside the mind of my grandpa’s grandpa’s grandpa? How is the life of my ancestors 3000 years ago? How is the life of my ancestors 10000 years ago? Were they apes? I mean, I do have ancestors, right? I hope I am not a synthetic human being, but without history, I am living like a synthetic creature anyway.

What’s their life goal? What has changed with time? I guess not much has changed.

We are normal. We are not god.