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My jokes aren’t working out, but people laugh when my jokes aren’t working out, so my jokes are working out.

What a pathetic clown, I am not even a scary clown, I am just a harmless clown, a bug, a cookie, a bag of fine granulated sugar.

I am tired of telling not working out jokes, I want to be more important, maybe the president of the United State, a plumber, a writer, a reporter, a twitch just chatting host, a high school physics teacher, a prisoner, just not a clown.

Are you laughing? No? Then my joke isn’t working again… People come to my gigs just to enjoy the awkwardness, the dryness, the silence. They think it’s better than laughter. How nice my audience are… They are the true heroes of our generation.

Oh kid, you can’t sleep? Let me tell you a joke, 1 + 1 = 3, isn’t that hilarious? Haha LOL LMAO LMFAO