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I have a trash can that becomes a fly base in the summer.

The shiny metallic color female flies always find a way to lay eggs inside the trash can. In no time the eggs become cute squirming larvas, then pupas, then flies that fly.

The stinky smell attracts the flies. Vinegar also attracts flies, because Acetic acid is produced when fruit ferments.

I take the trash bag out, squeeze the air out (which stinks), and tie the bag. I can see dozens of larvas, pupas, and little flies that are already trying to escape inside the trash bag.

It’s likely that all of them come from the same mommy. And it’s likely that they will inbreed in the little trash bag universe. Will that produce dumb flies with three eyes?

Flies are attracted to stinky smells. When we see flies flying around a dump of shit, we think it’s gross.

Humans are attracted to well cooked meat with fluid. When aliens see humans having a barbecue party, they think it’s gross.

Alien say: “Shouldn’t you apes eat fruit, leaves, stalks, roots and seeds?”

We reply: “But we are not apes, we make fire, we wear electronic watches, we play god.”

“Hmm, human maggots.”, thought by the alien.