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Jeff Bezos donated $100m to food bank charity Feeding America. The $100m donation is less than 0.1% of his estimated $123bn fortune. According this Business Insider article in 2019, Jeff Bezos was earning 1.5 billion dollars per week.

Whatever people do, they choose to do so because they think the consequence is better than it of the other choices (the consequence only concerns the choice maker’s feeling).

It’s important to note that what people consider the best choice may not be the actual best choice, because people can’t taste all the possible consequences.

How is a person’s brain developed to be able to make these choices? Trial and error. For a new question, we imitate others (mostly) or randomly choose a choice (rarely), until we are satisfied with the feeling brought by the choice.

Like said before, people can’t taste all the possible consequences.

Doctor Manhattan doesn’t feel much, so the trial and error is not working for him. He is the law itself, a computer, a god.

How do I make choices? How shall I make choices?