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The existence of Donald John Trump brought various things to our world.

  • 50K+ tweets
  • The color of gold becomes more pervasive
  • Higher revenue of McDonald’s (source)
  • Many Miss Americas
  • Many unhappy reporters
  • Many crooked Chinese Trump fans
  • Many MAGA hats
  • Xi Jinping has one more good friend
  • A wall
  • More.

Seeing Donald in the news almost everyday, I learnt two things from him.

Being old doesn’t mean a damn thing, Trump is running a second term campaign at 73, and Joe Biden has been alive for freaking 77 years. Don’t they worry about dying while being a president? I thought being 65+ means gardening and waiting to die, apparently this isn’t the formula they follow.

YOLO! The president of the United States is setting an example for us, though I may not agree with what he says or does.