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Fuck yeah, 2020 is finished.

I will miss you, you little, naughty, cute, cunt, crazy, badass, punk, pure, innocent virus.

I had a dream with you last night, it could be the new strain, the old strain, or a strain yet to come.

In the dream, the virus was in tears.

“I just want to have my children, my grandchildren, you know, it’s in my gene, like you guys.”

“Yes, I know, calm down, it’s not your fault.”

“Then whose fault is it?”

“Please blame the god.”

“God created all of us for a reason, no?”

“Oh, you think so? Do you know the reason then? I asked him once, but he was being all mysterious and philosophical.”

“We were just created for fun!”

“You mean god gets bored and plays us like LEGO? That sounds nerdy.”

“I don’t know, I am just a stupid virus.”

“I don’t know, I am just a stupid human.”

“But god created you guys to be like him.”

“Oh, and god created you to kill his low quality replicas?”


“But we are not going to be extinct.”


“You have something else to say?”

“I will kill all of you.”

“So god doesn’t want to see us barbies anymore.”


“So you are god’s deadly messenger. Then kill me please.” I approached the virus.

“You seem to be a nice guy.”

“I am nice. You seem to be a nice virus.”

“Oh that’s lame. I think you are just trying to be nice.”

“Yes, I am nice.”

I hugged the virus, I kissed the virus, I inhaled quite a bit, the virus gets sucked to my lung, my body becomes it’s playground.

Then I woke up, I ate my breakfast, but I couldn’t taste anything, I think it’s because of the virus.

I will die soon… To help my virus friend, I went out, I am a proud super spreader…

Dear virus, happy new year. I will see you in the after life, I will invite you for dinner, I will let you infect me like there is no tomorrow, we will get so high and forget we are different. After all, we are just god’s LEGO bricks.

Dear god, fuck you :)