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Huh, 2021 finished, 2021 is certainly different than 2020, but how?

COVID-19 is still here, humans are still not extinct. We saw reports of different animals getting infected, but the virus doesn’t seem to be doing much to them, thank god.

When we drink water, water goes through us, it doesn’t stay, just like time. We are drinking the same water dinosaurs were drinking millions of years ago.

I saw a mummy, the hair and nails were like they are from yesterday, she is beautiful and probably was as well.

A lot of my meals were replaced by meal replacement stuff, I probably consumed less meat.

Pain, happiness, excitement, confusion, anger, fear, sadness, and others.

I want to see dogs and cats in 2222, I want to see you in 2222.

Oh, you wanna see me in 22222?