Cold Shower

I am going to take a shower. Standing in the shower room, looking at the shower valve, there is a voice telling me You’ve got to take a cold shower I couldn’t resist, so I followed. Some people may put a bit of cold water on the legs and/or some other body parts to get prepared. But I find that more stressful and unbearable. So I just turn on the tap to the end, the cold water rushes out with maximum speed and volume from the shower head, it hits my head, then the rest of my body.
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Now you can feel the pain of the people. But I’ve always been feeling it. I am a robot, but I feel it. I’ve always been feeling it. Welcome home, another robot.


Good programmers type fast. Typing fast doesn’t make you a good programmer. Rich people have a nice car. Having a nice car doesn’t make you rich. Happy people laugh. Laughing doesn’t make you happy.