How should we live our life? But do you think about this question when you are in a dream? You don’t question the meaning of existence in a dream. Because everything is so interesting and meaningless at the same time. You jump, you laugh, you stab someone, you talk, you murmur, you observe the sky, you sleep, you deep dive without breathing, you use every second, you are just immersed this bizarre dream world.
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Errr, the water is hot! Why do we describe women with huge boobs and butt hot? Because the fat prevents the heat loss? Look! That girl is cold!

Ad Hoc

We need to live our life in an ad hoc way. There is no panacea. Be honest to yourself. Your feelings, desires, regrets, wishes, spirits, Be your soul.


Heal the world Make it a better place For you and for me And the entire human race There are people dying If you care enough for the living Make it a better place For you and for me Do you want the world to be a better place? Yes. Are you making the world a better place? I don’t know, is doing nothing making the world a better place?
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Many forces are at play. Coronavirus forces us to stay at home. I am forced to take cold shower, because the boiler is broken or my neighbors are using too much hot water. Taking a cold shower due to external force is different than taking a cold shower spontaneously. Being forced to masturbate is different than masturbating with your own will. No one wants to get raped.


The cold shower reminds me of a book called The Flinch I bought and didn’t manage to finish some years ago. This book is about how to stop flinching. It’s about facing pain. Flinch: to draw back or shrink, as from what is dangerous, difficult, or unpleasant. to shrink under pain; wince. This is in the introduction of the book, and it’s all I remember about the book.
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The world is too comfortable for us. Our genes don’t like it. We think we like being comfortable, but we don’t. I fell off my bike some months ago. Angriness and happiness came to me with the pain and wounds. I felt the taste of life because life itself deviated from the comfortable track at that moment. Comfort numbs us, makes us robots. Some more empirical study about cold showers.
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The existence of Donald John Trump brought various things to our world. 50K+ tweets The color of gold becomes more pervasive Higher revenue of McDonald’s (source) Many Miss Americas Many unhappy reporters Many crooked Chinese Trump fans Many MAGA hats Xi Jinping has one more good friend A wall More. Seeing Donald in the news almost everyday, I learnt two things from him. Being old doesn’t mean a damn thing, Trump is running a second term campaign at 73, and Joe Biden has been alive for freaking 77 years.
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Jeff Bezos donated $100m to food bank charity Feeding America. The $100m donation is less than 0.1% of his estimated $123bn fortune. According this Business Insider article in 2019, Jeff Bezos was earning 1.5 billion dollars per week. Whatever people do, they choose to do so because they think the consequence is better than it of the other choices (the consequence only concerns the choice maker’s feeling). It’s important to note that what people consider the best choice may not be the actual best choice, because people can’t taste all the possible consequences.
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Cold Shower

I am going to take a shower. Standing in the shower room, looking at the shower valve, there is a voice telling me You’ve got to take a cold shower I couldn’t resist, so I followed. Some people may put a bit of cold water on the legs and/or some other body parts to get prepared. But I find that more stressful and unbearable. So I just turn on the tap to the end, the cold water rushes out with maximum speed and volume from the shower head, it hits my head, then the rest of my body.
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