I need a doctor. Does a doctor need another doctor? Does a barber need another barber? Does a teacher need another teacher? Does a husband need another husband? Does a president need another president? Does a vacuum cleaner need another vacuum cleaner? I need a banana. I need some water. I need an apple. Apple is an old fruit. When you eat an apple, you also digest the history. In the night, I imagine my ancestors, what’s inside the mind of my grandpa’s grandpa’s grandpa?
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Rapture, ecstasy. Jump! Let the blood flow, let the heart beat, let the brain lose its mind. I wanna be dead! Why don’t you kill me… You mean, painfulness is a part of life? I don’t know, man, my friend. I am in love with somebody. She is a robot, an air doll, a computer, artificial intelligence, regression, matrices, linear algebra, apple, salt, tonic water, condom, toilet paper, menstruation or copper.
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Beds and coffins are both made of wood, just that coffins have a lid. I am tired of all these bullshit, my dear friend, sometimes I want to kill myself :( But I am not gonna commit it, no worries :) Bed, womb, tomb, comb, coffin, iPhone, they seem to be the same thing to me. I hope I am not insane. I’ve always wanted to be a sane man. I want to be as normal as you.
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In case you don’t know it, vodka can be put in the freezer. The melting point of ethanol is -114.14°C. When you pour frozen(I mean from the freezer, not literally frozen) vodka out, the liquid is sticky and together, interesting physics. Drinking pure vodka is a bit boring, it tastes like alcohol and nothing else. D wants to make it more exciting, D bites his finger, and puts the bleeding finger in the glass.
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We live in bubbles. I was naive, I am naive, I will be naive. I thought the brutality conducted by Hong Kong police was the result of the infiltration of PLA, I couldn’t believe that the local police would do those horrible things to their own innocent citizens. But that idea was challenged after watching the footages from the Minneapolis, New York, and other places in the US. The police crush the crowd with their huge SUVs, they push the elderly down to the ground, they shoot the reporters, they beat the protesters, they worsen the situation.
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Life is full of hints. Your cat has been hanging out lately. You have a window, your cat sneaks out to have some fun with the grass, wind, cola cans, trees, other cats, dogs, humans, supermarket, police station, train station. The weird thing is that when you come back home, your cat is always in the house. You open the door, your cat jumps to you, meows, follows you around, swings around your calfs, showing the ultimate intimacy.
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Had a dream, I was walking on the street, suddenly noticed that Chen Qiushi was walking in front of me, he was discharged. I walked with him for two minutes. Let’s not be prisoners in this real world.


Workout, cold shower, secret garden coloring book, calligraphy, taiji, yoga, meditation, baking, cooking, masturbating, writing a blog post, playing video games, having sex, coding, movie theater, knitting, drinking, gardening, doing laundry, doing dishes, cleaning the house, driving around, smoking, putting make up on the face (another form of drawing), playing musical instruments, solving math problems, browsing amazon, etc. We do all kinds of things to try to stay in the present, to stay sane.
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Every time you wake up, you are reborn. Especially when it’s a weird time to wake up, like 2 am, or 10 pm. You feel detached, confused, wondering what is going on around you. You are like a new baby, you are frightened by the environment, you want to cry, but you are too old to cry. You want a protector, but you are alone. The memory gradually fills your consciousness, you are no longer a headless fly.
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R Zero

In epidemiology, the basic reproduction number $R_0$ of an infection can be thought of as the expected number of cases directly generated by one case in a population where all individuals are susceptible to infection. In commonly used infection models, when $R_0 > 1$ the infection will be able to start spreading in a population, but not if $R_0 < 1$. What about politics? The reproduction/spread of an ideology is so similar.
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